Rubber Industry In Singapore

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rubber industry in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful and wealthiest countries in the world; this country has a vast and growing rubber industry. 

We want to discuss the rubber industry in Singapore in more detail in this article; reading this article will give you valuable information.

Introducing Singapore

Introducing Singapore

Singapore is located in southeast Asia and is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. 

  • The population of Singapore is over 5.6M, and many of them are immigrants from other countries of the world; there are many international billionaires living in this small and beautiful country 
  • Singapore has a GDP of over $421B with an average income of around 80k annually for its people 

The rubber industry is growing in Singapore, and this country is one of the rubber industry hubs in the region and the world. 

Rubber Industry Condition In Singapore

Rubber Industry Condition In Singapore

Singapore has a very strong and growing rubber industry. 

  • Singapore exports over $186M rubber to different countries such as China, India, Spain, Germany, and …
  • Singapore imports over $70M in rubber from different countries of the world, including Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, and … 
The Biggest Rubber Manufacturers In Singapore

The Biggest Rubber Manufacturers In Singapore

There are many rubber companies in Singapore; these are the top 10 biggest companies in Singapore producing rubber. 

  • Giti Tire, this company has over $2.5B in revenue annually with 30k employees 
  • Halcyon Agri, a company which is located in central Singapore, has a revenue of $2.5B per year with 14.7k employees
  • Ling Boon Keng Tyre, this company has a revenue of $4.5M annually with 71 employees
  • QMekk, located in Singapore with 70 employees, has a revenue of $13.9M annually
  • Yhi, this company has 37 employees with a revenue of $7.8M per year 
  • MIS Belt Centre, with 26 employees, this company has a revenue of $5.5M 
  • Hwa Kong, this company has 25 employees with annual revenue of $6.9$ 
  • Pausean, this Singaporean rubber manufacturer, has 23 employees with revenue of $4.5M annually
  • LL Brothers, this company has 18 employees and $4M in revenue per year 
  • Chan Cheong Services, the last company in our list of the top 10 biggest rubber manufacturers in Singapore, has 17 employees with a revenue of $3.9M annually

These 10 companies are the largest suppliers of rubber for the Singapore economy; with that in mind, Singapore still needs to import rubber for its surging economic demands. 

Iran, A Leading Rubber Exporter To Singapore

Iran, A Leading Rubber Exporter To Singapore

Iran has the first oil and gas reserve in the world combined and is one of the most important countries located at the center of the world. 

  • Many different companies are manufacturing and supplying rubber for various companies across the world 
  • Iranian companies are producing rubber with the highest quality and the lowest prices in the world 
  • Customized packaging and orders are also available and offered by different Iranian rubber manufacturers

There are many reasons for supplying all your rubber needs in Singapore through Iranian companies:

  • Offering the most competitive prices 
  • Fast delivery and different transportation options 
  • Guaranteed quality, a competitive advantage for your company in Singapore
vira petroleum oils

About Vira Petroleum

Vira Petroleum is one of the biggest suppliers of rubber process oil and different types of oil-based products in Iran. 

  • We can supply all your rubber process oil needs in Singapore, fully customized based on your unique needs and demands 
  • Vira Petroleum enjoys an ultra-modern and sophisticated supply chain and transportation equipment; through our international presence, we can resource all your rubber process oil needs as fast as possible 
  • Quality is our top priority, offering you the most competitive prices in the world to help you have a price edge over your competitors both in Singapore and in the international market

For more information about Vira Petroleum company, please visit our website. 

The Bottom Line

Singapore is a small country that is playing a good role in the world of the rubber industry. 

To be informed about the latest rubber market condition and prices, receive our recommendations, and place your order, please call our sales experts through the phone numbers mentioned on the Vira Petroleum website. 

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