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Iranian manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of petroleum products

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  • Vira Petroleum Company is active in the chemical and petroleum markets, producing and exporting. Vira Petroleum Company has a reputation for excellent customer service, technical expertise, and fast, reliable response to customer needs, all backed by a commitment to respect and integrity. This has earned us clients worldwide and given us the opportunity to become the preferred commercial partner of many global companies.
  • Vira Petroleum Company is a trading partner of many Iranian oil refineries. You can order petroleum products produced in the best refineries in Iran, including Abadan Oil Refinery, Isfahan Refinery, Bandar Abbas Refinery, Tehran Oil Refinery, etc., in the fastest time and with the best quality.
  • Vira Petroleum Company is a chemical and petroleum market pioneer in production and exportation. Our sales team in services, responsiveness and support are at the top of the table of companies and producers due to our many years of experience. Vira Petroleum, from before your order until after the delivery of the product is with you. Contact us for more information, consultation and ordering.
  • In this project, one of our goals was to founded the Vira Petroleum Company website so merchants can send orders, have consultations, and finally give the best price by connecting with the Iranian Oil Refinery network. Another goal of our website is to record customer satisfaction feedback. This will make new customers who intend to work with Vira Petroleum aware of our customers` satisfaction and can count on us more easily and confidently for long-term cooperation in the future. One of our most important goals in Vira Petroleum is your connection to the network of Iranian petroleum products suppliers so that you can easily and quickly register your order with the best quality products and the day price.

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Premium Quality


In Vira Petroleum all items are negotiable. We try to offer the best price, payment conditions, quantity for building reliable and permanent business partnerships which are going to be.


Our team


All members of Vira Petroleum team from engineers to sales and management were selected among the specialists who are deeply interested in their job which results in their high efficiencies.

A flexible transaction processing system


Vira Petroleum was established in Iran as the refineries and other resources are from there, however, as a result of long-term business with India, our company also has an Indian registry to facilitate their trades with this country.


Our Services


One of our very primary commitments is to be highly accessible and responsible to our customers. In this way, they can trade with the most comfort and relief through different stages.


Our products come from the best refineries in Iran!

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