VG 10 bitumen

VG10 bitumen viscosity has the lowest viscosity. Spraying and surface coating applications are common with this type of bitumen. As an alternative to the old 80/100 penetration grade, your VG 10 bitumen is also developed to perform well in extremely cold climates. VG10 bitumen will perform best at temperatures between -100C and 250C. The application of VG10 cannot provide desired rutting resistance in hot climatic zones due to the high temperatures. Additionally, bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen products are made from this type of bitumen, especially in India. 

Specification Acceptable Range Test Method Explanations
Absolute Viscosity Min 800 ASTM – D4402 at 60°C, Poises
Kinematic Viscosity Min 250 ASTM – D4402 at 135°C,
Solubility 99.0 Min ASTM – D2042 in CCL4, %
Flash Point 220 Min ASTM – D92 °C
Penetration 80-100 ASTM – D5 at 25°C, mm/10
Softening Point Min 40 ASTM – D36 °C
Ratio Viscosity Max 4.0 ASTM – D4402 at 60°C, %
Ductility Min 75 ASTM – D113 at 25°C, cm

Advantages of VG 10 bitumen

  • This product can be used at temperatures less than 30 C.
  • Compared to VG 30 and VG 40, it has a higher Penetration.
  • Having an absolute viscosity of 800
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