Bitumen 40 50

The grade is one of the most widely used grades of bitumen, and it is the basic bituminous material. Bitumen 40 50 is specified by the standard test penetration, and softening point test is in the range of 40 to 50 mm on 10, and this is commonly used in paving. These numbers indicate the hardness and average penetration depth of this bitumen. The minimum penetration is 40, and the maximum penetration is 50.

Because 50/40 bitumen has high stability in hot weather, special attention has been paid to improving or constructing roads and sidewalks in tropical areas where the average air temperature is high. Also, the versatility of this product for use in hot mix asphalt has increased the demand for this product and the attempt to buy it. It is bitumen that is obtained by performing oxidation process on vacuum baton (raw material of bitumen production which is taken from the bottom of distillation tower in the vacuum of oil refineries) in bitumen production units so that the degree of permeability (a kind of test for Determine the amount of bitumen) stiffness between 40 and 50.

Specification bitumen 40 50

Bitumen 40 50 quality is determined by its physical properties. The bitumen 40 50 specifications include several other tests in addition to penetration testing, such as viscosity, softening point, ductility, and loss on heating.

Customers and suppliers of bitumen 40 50 may find some of these items more important than others.

Flashpoint and softening point are two of these. Based on ASTM D36, bitumen 40 50 has a softening point between 52 and 60 °C and a flashpoint of 250 °C.

For more details on bitumen 40/50 specification, see the table:

Property Specifications Test Method
Penetration @ 25 °C 30/40 D – 5
Softening point 55/63 D – 36
Ductility @25 °C 100 Min D – 113
Loss on heating(wt) % 0.2 Max D – 6
Flash point 250 Min D – 92
Solubility in CS2(wt) % 99.05 Min D – 4
Drop in penetration after heating % 20 Max D – 5
penetration bitumen 40 50

Application of bitumen penetration 40/50

40/50 penetration bitumen has thermoplastic properties, making this product soften at high temperatures and harden at lower temperatures. This unique relationship between temperature and lubrication rate is significant in determining performance parameters such as adhesion, durability, and application temperature of bitumen. As you know, the state of bitumen depends on the temperature, and the temperature and hardness of bitumen are dependent on the crude oil type and refinery method. Vira Petroleum bitumen 40/50 grade penetration, which is one of the most widely used types of penetration bitumen, is used to produce asphalt coating. Generally, Asphalt 40 50 is used in construction and repair in the road and for producing better asphalt pavement with superior quality by penetration bitumen 40 50.

Bitumen 40 50 supplier and exporter

Vira Petroleum is the best Iranian supplier and exporter of bitumen products. 40 50 bitumen is one of the inventory bitumens of Vira Petroleum Company, in which we are a 40 50 bitumen producer, packager, and exporter.

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