VG 40 bitumen

Since VG 40 bitumen has a high viscosity, it is best suited for increasing resistance to shoving and other problems are engaged to higher temperatures and heavy traffic loads. The penetration grade bitumen 40/50 has long been replaced by vg-40 in industries. Traffic-induced pressure causes VG40 bitumen to be used in areas where high pressure occurs. Bitumen VG-40 can be used on heavy traffic roads, as well as airport runways and taxiways, and in container terminals. In order to manufacture hot mix asphalt, this grade of Bitumen is mainly used as the base during the mixing process and as the wearing layer. In comparison with other agents, it is characterized by a number of unique characteristics and qualities.

Specification Acceptable Range Test Method Explanation
Absolute Viscosity Min 3200 ASTM – D4402 at 60°C, Poises
Kinematic Viscosity Min 400 ASTM – D4402 at 135°C,
Solubility 99.0 Min ASTM – D2042 in CCL4, %
Flash Point 220 Min ASTM – D92 °C
Penetration 40-60 ASTM – D5 at 25°C, mm/10
Softening Point Min 50 ASTM – D36 °C
Ratio Viscosity Max 4.0 ASTM – D4402 at 60°C, %
Ductility Min 25 ASTM – D113 at 25°C, cm
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