Bitumen 30 40

Asphalt pavements are designed to be produced with Penetration Bitumen 30 40 specifications. Penetration Bitumen Grade 30-40 is also used for road construction and repairs as well as the production of asphalt pavements. The main application of this bitumen grade is the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for the preparation of bases and wearing courses.

Hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses usually contain Bitumen Penetration Grade 30/40. Bitumen for penetration grade is derived from fractional / vacuum distillation of crude oil and is manufactured by Vira Petroleum.

By testing the penetration and softening points of bitumens, penetration grade bitumens can be distinguished. A thermoplastic property makes penetration grade bitumens soft at high temperatures and hard at low temperatures. When it comes to bitumen performance parameters such as adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures, the unique temperature-viscosity relationship is essential.

Temperature influences the Bitumen mode. Temperature versus stiffness of bitumen varies according to crude oil type and refinement process. It is suitable for road construction and repair since it is a penetration grade bitumen of semi-hard hardness.

penetration 30-40
Property Specifications Test Method
Penetration @ 25 °C 30/40 D – 5
Softening point 55/63 D – 36
Ductility @25 °C 100 Min D – 113
Loss on heating(wt) % 0.2 Max D – 6
Flash point 250 Min D – 92
Solubility in CS2(wt) % 99.05 Min D – 4
Drop in penetration after heating % 20 Max D – 5


For road construction and asphalt pavement repairs, Bitumen 30/40 is ideal. Construction of roads is best accomplished using Bitumen 30/40 grade. Users of Paving Bitumen 30/40 grade should do appropriate testing before use in other applications. During the loading of the bitumen penetration grade 30/40 to the vessel, and controlling the manufacturing procedure by batch testing before shipping, Vira Petroleum Company guarantees the quality of the bitumen penetration grade 30/40 by arranging for the international inspector to verify the quality and quantity of the bitumen penetration grade 30/40.

Bitumen penetration 30 40


Vacuum residue (short residue) feedstock is used by RAHA Oil to produce the penetration grade 30/40 bitumen. Permeability and softening point tests are used to determine penetration grade bitumens. A thermoplastic property makes penetration grade bitumen prone to softening at high temperatures while hardening at low temperatures. The temperature and stiffness of bitumen are affected by the company that produces the crude oil and the type of refining process.

As paving grade bitumen, penetration grade 30/40 bitumen can also be used for producing asphalt pavements with technical specifications below for use in road construction and repair. Hot-mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses is mainly composed of this grade of bitumen.

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