Turkey to Establish Small Rerefinery

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Turkey to Establish Small Rerefinery

The local government of Akyazi, Turkey recently announced a public-private partnership for waste oil collection and the construction of a base oil rerefinery. The plant, which is expected to cost 18.3 million lira (U.S. $944,000), will be built on an 11,300 square meters land plot in Kucucek İstiklal district near Akyazi. In addition to the base oil rerefinery, the facility will also include a finished lubricant blending plant.

The project is being realized by Non-Stop Ticaret in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. The General Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment will be coordinating the project, and will be responsible for issuing licenses for waste oil collection and recycling.

According to a public announcement by the EIA directorate on Jul. 4, 2022, the project is being prepared within the framework of the Annex-III of the EIA Regulation and has already been submitted to the ministry.

Once completed, the base oil rerefinery will be capable of processing 20,000 tons of waste oil per year to produce 15,000 t/y of base oils and 2,600 tons per year of intermediary petroleum products. The facility will also have a blending plant with the capacity to produce 19,300 t/y of finished lubricants, primarily motor oils. The base oil rerefinery will feature a proprietary thin-filmed filtration technology. Additionally, the project includes a waste oil storage tank facility with a capacity of 1 million liters.

Turkey has well-developed environmental laws regarding waste oil collection and recycling. Two policies adopted in 2019 – the Zero Waste and the Waste Oil Management regulations – have increased the amount of waste oil being collected and rerefined in Turkey, bringing it closer to EU standards. Since 2021, lubricant producers and importers have been required to collect a certain portion of waste oil based on their total production output or total imported volumes, with the percentage increasing annually.

Currently, Tayras operates the only large base oil rerefinery in Turkey, located 180 kilometers southeast of Istanbul. The facility has the capacity to process 60,000 t/y of waste oil to produce 45,000 t/y of API Group II base oil.

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