Production of U.S. base oil declines

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Production of U.S. base oil declines

According to official data provfided today, the United States produced 4.7 million barrels of base oils in November, 3% less than in the corresponding month of 2021 and the fourth consecutive month in which the number failed to reach 5 million barrels.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the nation’s November base oil output was down from 4.8 million barrels in the same month of 2021. In terms of monthly output numbers from the previous year, this November’s result was similarly somewhat in the center of the pack.

Base oil output fell 5% during the first 11 months of 2022, from 55.9 million barrels to 52.8 million barrels.

In comparison to November 2021, when the output of paraffinic base oil in the United States was 4.1 million barrels, it dropped by 5% of November to 3.9 million barrels, the third-lowest monthly volume in 2017.

Production of paraffinic base oil for the year as of November fell 6% to 44.5 million barrels from 47.2 million barrels.

The output of naphthenic base oil increased by 5% in November to 783,000 barrels. That was the greatest monthly volume for naphthenic production since June’s 888,000 barrels, which was the fourth-highest monthly volume of the year.

The output of naphthenic over the first 11 months of the year fell by 4% to 8.4 million barrels.

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