Turkmenistan Welcomes New Blending Plant

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Turkmenistan Welcomes New Blending Plant

In a recent announcement by the Turkmen state news agency THP, it has been revealed that an industry association in Turkmenistan, Asuda Akym, has successfully launched a state-of-the-art finished lubricant factory. Commencing operations in January, this 20,000-tons-per-year blending plant is situated in the Danev district of Lebap province, located in the northeastern region of Turkmenistan.

Asuda Akym specializes in the production of an extensive range of lubricants, boasting 25 different types marketed under the esteemed brand name Sir yag. These offerings encompass a diverse array of product categories, including synthetic and semi-synthetic automotive engine oils, agricultural lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and other industrial lubricants, as reported by the Turkmen news outlet, Rysgal.

Remarkably, the Asuda factory marks the second lube blending plant to be established in Turkmenistan within the past year. Another notable player in this sector, Geljege Miras, a renowned polymer products manufacturer, has also entered the lubricant production arena. Their facility, situated in the Ak Bugday district near the capital city of Ashgabat, has begun manufacturing lubricants specifically designed for automobiles and trucks.

It is worth noting that Turkmenistan’s lubricant manufacturing industry heavily relies on a single refinery, the Turkmenbashi Oil Processing, which possesses the capacity to produce 80,000 tons per year of API Group I base oils and 70,700 tons per year of Group II base oils. Serving as a vital source for the country’s lubricant production, the Turkmenbashi Oil Processing complex comprises a network of oil refineries.

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