Brakes India Makes Mark in Lube Industry

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Brakes India Makes Mark in Lube Industry

India’s automotive lubricant market welcomes a major player as Brakes India Ltd., the nation’s leading braking systems manufacturer, enters the industry. The company recently introduced its range of Revia branded products, signaling its foray into the market.

With a strong foothold in brake fluids and components, this expansion into lubricants aligns with Brakes India’s aim to become a comprehensive player in the fluid segment. The company’s aftermarket division focuses on friction and non-friction brakes, as well as fluids and coolants, as highlighted by S. Sujit Nayak, Vice President and Head of Aftermarket.

In an interview with Afternoon News, Nayak emphasized the immense potential in India’s lubricant market, which ranks as the world’s third-largest after the United States and China. He highlighted the increasing demand for efficient lubricants, the evolving BS standards, and the growing vehicle population as key factors driving growth in the engine oil segment.

Although India’s market size is currently smaller than that of the United States and China, it is steadily making progress. While projected to surpass China in population, India’s economy currently ranks as the sixth-largest globally, following the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

 Brakes India, renowned as the leading supplier of automotive braking systems in the country, disclosed that Revia lubricants will be manufactured by a third-party partner. The product range encompasses five engine oil grades for passenger cars and four for commercial vehicles.

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