Engine oil 10W40

The SAE defines 10W40 as the viscosity or weight of the motor oil. The numbers refer to the viscosity of the engine in cold and warm weather. 10 indicates the engine oil’s viscosity grade in cold weather; the letter W is short for winter. The number 40 indicates the viscosity grade at high temperatures. The viscosity of 10W40 engine oil doesn’t increase with heating. In cold temperatures, it behaves just like a 10W weight oil, and in high temperatures, it behaves like a 40 weight oil.

When the temperature of the oil rises, the polymer in multigrade oils prevents it from thinning as quickly. When oil temperature drops, the polymer also slows the thickening process. If the oil is thinner, the engine will start more quickly after a cold start. In high temperatures, a thicker oil provides better protection.


Despite its easy flow and viscosity, synthetic 10W-40 provides enough protection for skirts and bearings when they get hot. Race engines and engines with high performance can benefit from synthetic engines because their temperature stability is improved. Firstly, 10w40 engine oil is recommended for cars whose manufacturers specify its use. Make sure you follow the instructions in your owner’s manual regarding the right oil to use in your engine. Because of its benefits, 10w40 oil is also recommended for engines with high mileage.


The reason why vehicles with higher mileage are commonly lubricated with 10W-40 oil is that it is thicker while operating, so it helps lubricate older parts. This oil is designed to start your car in winter climates below 10 degrees Celsius.

Mixing 10W30 & 10W40

Despite what people say online about mixing 10W30 and 10W40 engine oil, due to multiple resons it is not advised. As the engine revs higher, mixing different motor oil grades can lead to a decrease in oil pressure. Consequently, damages could occur to the bearing. Furthermore, mixing engine oils can void your warranty on your vehicle. The oils should not be mixed unless there is an emergency. This would cause additional engine wear.

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Engine oil 10W40 API SJ/CF4

The heavy-duty diesel engine oil is a highly effective lubricant for diesel engines. Almost all kinds of turbocharged heavy-duty diesel engines can use this oil, which is multigrade of API CF4/SJ level. This oil is a specialized blend combining premium base stocks with additives. Additionally, it is highly deterrent and dispersant. Under severe operating conditions of high load at high temperatures, the viscosity index improver is stable and does not shear off. Cold-cranking and oil pumpability at low temperatures are enhanced by the viscosity and multigrade characteristics.


  • For mixed fleets of diesel and gasoline engines under normal operating conditions.
  • A wide range of off-highway industries, including construction, agriculture, mining, and quarrying
  • Diesel engines with naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines from manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and America
  • Transportation of light, heavy and mixed fleets, including gasoline-fueled trucks and cars, on highways
  • All marine four-stroke diesel engines, regardless of speed, can use this product if the conditions are suitable and if the recommended quality level is met.
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  • Strong resistance to corrosion and heat
  • Longer drain period
  • additional fuel economy and enhanced wear control
  • Increases engine life
  • Maintains engine cleanliness by controlling piston deposits
  • Low oil consumption and low temperature fluidity

Engine oil 10W40 API SL/CF4

Modern gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharging are powered by these multipurpose semi-synthetic motor oils. Engine oil 10W40 API/CF4 protects engine wear exceptionally well. Ensures reliable engine operation under high loads and speeds when temperatures change frequently and extends oil change intervals.


  • The Platinum 10W40 is ideal for use in all types of fleet engines over a wide range of temperature conditions.
  • Among its uses are the lubrication of turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines, and other applications


  • Great antifriction and cleaning characteristics.
  • Excellent oil consumption control.
  • Resistant to oxidation, sludge at low temperatures, and deposits at high temperatures.
  • Long oil drain intervals and low maintenance requirements.
  • Exceptionally effective at controlling wear, corrosion, and rust.
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